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WebThe beholder shoots three of the following magical eye rays at random (reroll duplicates), choosing one to three targets it can see within 120 feet of it: Legendary Actions Bite. When magic was needed to power a ray, the brain would send the magical energy back into the eye via the retinas.[15]. You've got an extra tapering divider before the Reactions section Door Trap. Rather than the standard powers of a beholders central eye and eyestalks, the creature has one or more variant abilitiesguaranteed to surprise any enemies who thought they knew what they were getting themselves into. Some use a direct, hands-on approach, and some establish a chain of command that establishes a clear hierarchy from the top to the lowest underling. This pitiable beholder-kin has chalky white nubs where its eye stalks should be. [7], Beholder minds were divided into two separate entities. WebIt has titanic claws, bat-like wings, and a massive, corpulent form. The creature disappears when it drops to Complementing this ever-present, passive paranoia is the beholders genius-level intelligence. Antimagic Cone: mirage arcane, power word stun (affecting the weakest non-stunned target in the cone each round), Charm Ray: banishment (1 minute), confusion (1 minute), Death Ray: circle of death (10-foot-radius sphere; 4d6 necrotic damage to all creatures in the area), feeblemind, Disintegration Ray: chain lightning (primary target takes 6d8 lightning damage; two secondary targets within 30 feet of the primary target take 3d8 lightning damage each), eyebite (sickened effect; 1 minute), Enervation Ray: create undead (usable regardless of the time of day), polymorph (1 minute), Fear Ray: gaseous form (self or willing creature only), moonbeam, Paralyzing Ray: modify memory, silence (1 minute), Petrification Ray: Ottos irresistible dance (1 minute), wall of ice (1 minute; one 10-foot-square panel), Sleep Ray: blindness/deafness, misty step (self or willing creature only), Slowing Ray: bestow curse (1 minute), sleet storm (one 10-foot-cube), Telekinesis Ray: geas (1 hour), wall of force (1 minute; one 10-foot-square panel). 2023 Wizards. The majority of beholders living on Faern had skin colored in cool colors - purples and blues - on the top of their bodies that graduated into earth tones further down. Find out what you can do. Although each use of the charm effect lasts only an hour, repeated uses over time against the same target tend to wear down a creatures will, creating a docile servant. Gazers are born out of a poisoned or ill beholders feverish dreams, in which its sense of perspective and scale is warped. Ceiling Trap. If a beholders retinue were likened to an army, the grunts would be represented by its lesser minions, intelligent creatures that can talk and usually live in large groups. A tunnel bends every 50 to 100 feet to prevent attackers from shooting at the beholder while it flees, but giving the monster opportunities to attack when its enemies come into view. For instance, where a prideful, confident human might be cowed by a serious threat, the arrogance of a beholder knows no such bounds: it believes that it is superior to every other creature, even including other beholders. Challenge rating Minions and other creatures under a beholders control generally have their own living spaces in the lair. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Saving Throws Str +16, Con +13, Int +12, Wis +13, Cha +12 Skills Athletics +16, Yog-Sothothery +13 Damage Immunities cold, poison, psychic I must maintain the current balance of power in the region. When the dreamer awakens, it treats the newborns as extensions of its own self in other bodies, and therefore isnt consumed with an urge to kill them. Three tablesBeholder Lesser Minions, Beholder Greater Minions, and Beholder Petsmake it easy to stock a beholders lair with such creatures. Change the name (also URL address, possibly the category) of the page. The lair of a beholder is a reflection of the creatures mind-setdesigned to anticipate, and thwart, any plan that would-be invaders might devise. The babies inside would then have to chew their way out. The creature is an ally to you and your companions. But a beholder could wear magic rings on its eyestalks or affix a magic cloak to its back, and the items function as they would if used by a humanoid. My followers are all spying on me, and I seek motivated, powerful allies to destroy them. Although careful squinting could narrow the area of the field generated, it would not stop unless the central eye's eyelid was completely closed, or the eye itself was put out or diseased to the point of uselessness. A beholders disintegration ray is a useful tool for excavation. 360 tilting and horizontal movement was achieved through blowing air out of its lung via air vessels leading from its lung to its skin. Upon death, the skin would harden further into a stone-like consistency. At such a time, the beholders dream-birthing creates a beholder hivea group of newborns that are identical to its own shape but smaller. Niches and pedestals hold smaller objects, while larger objects are suspended from the ceiling or left freestanding in the room. A beholder's mouth was relatively similar to a humanoid's, but on a larger scale, containing soft palates, a muscular tongue and a row of upper and lower teeth (averaging 56 teeth in total)[14] lining a hinged jaw. Instead, a beholders mind remains semiconscious even as it dreams. However, for that to happen, the behold had to possess intricate knowledge and understanding of another creature's bodily systems, generally achieved through years of studying, dissection, and selective breeding. A beholder can fire multiple eye rays on its turn, and it might use all of them in succession on its most dangerous foe. WebSource: 5th Edition SRD Ability Scores Six abilities provide a quick description of every creatures physical and mental characteristics: Strength, measuring physical power Dexterity, measuring agility Constitution, measuring endurance Intelligence, measuring reasoning and memory Wisdom, measuring perception and insight Most common folk dismiss these rumors and the fools who circulate them, asserting that the Lords of Waterdeep would never allow such creatures to roam the city. Obstacle Course. Circumstances might change the role of a piece of treasurea staff of the python used to prop up a stone block trap might be given as a gift if the beholder acquires a minion who can attune the item. The beholder can fly over the trap, while intruders are forced to deal with the door or waste time trying to climb over the wall. For example, to guard against magical spying, a beholder might use either ray to eliminate all common vermin (bats, rats, spiders, and so on) from its lair. General Information It takes a long time to digest anything. In addition to making use of classic gravity traps such as the collapsing roof, the falling net, and the rolling sphere, a beholder can use its disintegration ray to blast a hole in the ceiling above its enemies, opening up a previously prepared chamber filled with mud, water, sand, garbage, green slime, petrified enemies, poison gas, swarms of centipedes, zombies, or any other sort of hazardous material or creatures. In addition to traps that are meant to catch ground-based creatures, a beholder creates or positions certain traps so that theyre effective against flying intruders. Newborns were birthed with the ability to levitate; possessed strong racial memories and an inherent ability to speak Quevquel, though their eye powers would develop later. A trophy is a treasure that a beholder cherishes as evidence of its power, or serves as a remembrance of victory over its enemies, or evokes another sort of positive reaction from it. Beholder @Beholderkin. The eye rays a Beholder can use are as follows: Charm ray charms targets for one hour on a failed DC 16 Wisdom saving throw. [20] When the child that the parent chose to rear reached adulthood, it typically rejected its parent and left to become independent. [7], Beholders were also capable of flight, in spite of their lack of wings or similar physical features, simply hovering above ground effortlessly. My trophies are proof of my success. If its lair includes a long, narrow chamber with an uneven floor and multiple terraces, a beholder might turn this area into a killing ground. Distinctions Click here to edit contents of this page. Size This ray is also used to pacify potentially useful captives, perhaps in preparation for conditioning them with the charm or fear rays. The Xanathar believes its intelligence and magic make it uniquely suited for thiseven more so than its slain predecessorand it uses its abilities to ruthlessly enforce its will on as much political and criminal territory as possible. The Xanathar is ambitious and wants to expand its power by making alliances, but it is constantly wary of betrayal. If an organization is useful but significantly weaker than the guild, the Xanathar is likely to absorb its members and resources into its guild (either immediately or gradually) so it can keep an eye on threats from within that group. Beholders gathered the energy that fueled their magical abilities by observing spell effects, magical creatures and items. (Lawful), Perfection. It holds sway over a dozen specialized lieutenants. It considers itself the center of the world, in a narcissistic way; of course the clan of duergar moving into its territory is because a rival is trying to oust it, of course the gang of adventurers in its lair were sent to kill it by a cowardly rival, and so on, because it is the perfect example of beholderness and all other creatures are jealous. Most of the entryways and passages that it fashions to connect one chamber with another are too narrow to admit creatures larger than itself (particularly in the innermost chambers). The dreams of such a death-fearing beholder might reach into strange corners of reality and imagine circumstances in which the creature can live on after death. When you cast the spell, choose Beholderkin, Slaad, or Star Spawn. Challenge rating The creature resembles an aberration of that kind, which determines certain traits in its stat block. This started out as a silly idea - I wanted to play a literal Beholder as a PC. Movement A few possibilities are described here. One of the few things that beholders could enjoy the taste of was alcohol (though it took well over 10 gallons (45 liters) of wine before they would get drunk).[22]. 13 A beholder might use its slowing ray on an uncooperative creature as a demonstration of sorts, threatening to follow it up with more severe consequences if the creature doesnt submit to the beholders will. Not true beholders, these creatures did not share the race's xenophobia, although most were still quite evil and cruel in nature. Adjoining chambers are connected by vertical or steeply sloped tunnels that the beholder carves out of the surrounding stone, each passage barely large enough to admit the beholders body. To those who would seek to conquer beholders or merely understand them, nearly everything about their quarry is unfathomable. An eye tyrant is a solitary beholder that has suppressed its xenophobia and paranoia and chooses to live as the leader or ruler of a community or an organization that includes other creatures. Even a very tough fighter is going to have second thoughts after taking damage from a disintegration ray, an enervation ray, and a death ray. (Evil), Community. However, some beholders were known to blind their own central eye in order to study wizardry, becoming a beholder mage. Homeland(s) Prior to this, the beholder would consume up to four times the amount of food it normally would to create a great enough reserve, as eventually, after around four months of pregnancy, the womb swelled to a size too large to fit any food in its mouth. The creature physically resembles your choice, which also determines some of the traits in its stat block. The floors count as difficult terrain, and the terraces mean that in some places climbing or jumping down is required to make progress. A beholder might consider a group of skilled adventurers to be a valuable prize and use its abilities to capture them all for this purpose, giving them the opportunity to serve as guards, spies, or assassins against a rival. This corporeal form uses the Aberrant Spirit stat block. According to those rare few witnesses, the beholder would unhinge its jaw, spit up its womb and bite it off. The brain and nervous system was where magical energies were stored, amplified, and directed to the eyestalks. 2nd Edition Statistics[4] WebArmor Class: 11 + the level of the spell (natural armor) hit Points: Equal the aberration's Constitution modifier + your spellcasting ability modifier + ten times the spell's level A beholder might be willing to cooperate with adventurers who have news about another beholders lair or activities, and might be nonhostile toward adventurers who praise it for being a perfect example of a beholder. Not all Playable creatures are created equal, especially in 3rd Edition, in which Monster Adventurers can have significant Level Adjustments for the sake of In addition to functioning as the beholders arms and hands for everyday tasks, the telekinetic ray is essential for building traps and other lair defenses, such as positioning the weights for a falling block trap. For example, if it decides a newly settled human village nearby is a threat, it and its minions will set up camp nearby and scout the area (usually by flying high overhead at night using darkvision) for one or two days. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Because a beholders minions are typically not able to fly, many of these chambers are connected to others by staircases or gently sloping ramps in addition to the tunnels, so the beholder can easily move its minions around as the need arises. WebBeholder-kin Traits Oculoid Setting Dungeons and Dragons Settings Beholder-kin are creatures related to the Beholder . Append content without editing the whole page source. WebBite. Because of these features, beholders were occasionally known as "spheres of many eyes" or "eye tyrants,"[7] although the latter also referred to a specific type of beholder. Although true beholders can be found on a spectators or gauths home plane, the creatures actual place of origin is unknown (whether another plane, a world beyond the stars, or some stranger location), and spectators and gauths arent believed to originate from dreams as other beholders do. WebThe Witness - A Beholderkin Character Race. A beholders body cant use many kinds of humanoid-type magic items because it doesnt have the body parts to wear them; for example, it cant use gloves or boots because it doesnt have hands or feet. Webits traits. All other beholders are imperfect and must be destroyed. The beholders ability to use legendary actions effectively doubles the number of times it can shoot rays in a round. WebSpeed 30 ft.; fly 30 ft. (hover) (Beholderkin only) STR 16 (+3) DEX 10 (+0) CON 15 (+2) INT 16 (+3) WIS 10 (+0) CHA 6 (-2) Damage Immunities psychic Senses darkvision 60 ft., In combat, the creature shares your initiative count, but it takes its turn immediately after yours. WebIt resembles the beholder who dreamed it into existence, but its body is only 8 inches wide and it has only four eyestalks. Beholder eyes also had up to twelve lenses, all capable of movement and rotation independent of the others, which was what granted them control over the aiming of their eye rays. Magical beast Any space,[6] Hills[3] [26], At some point before the age of forty years,[20] typically at the age of thirty,[21] an egg-shaped womb swelled below the back of the beholder's tongue. [20], The beholder's eyes were remarkable things. The difference is one of degree. WebThey are twice the size of typical beholders, and differ in appearance as well. It might also be a truly unique creature, such as could be spawned only from the twisted imagination of a beholder, with a set of magical abilities unlike that of its parent. In addition to its lieutenants, the Xanathar has many minions with specific jobs. A lair has several escape tunnels, each closed off inside the lair by a large boulder or a mortared stone wall. Normally usable only by a death tyrant, negative energy prevents survivors of a battle from healing and animates any dead or dying creatures as zombies under the beholders control. [21], Occasionally, a beholder, while sleeping, would warp reality with it's subconscious mind and spawn a fully-grown beholder instantaneously out of nothing right there where it slept. Some even worship the beholder as an angry, capricious deity. The simplest kind of prison, easy enough for a beholder to create, typically consists of 20-foot-deep holes disintegrated into the floor, sometimes covered with a wood or metal grating. View wiki source for this page without editing. The individuals in these roles generally serve the Xanathar for months or years, because replacements that have the same specialized skills can be hard to come by. When such a group is led by a beholder rather than a human, the tyrant has incredible staying power against challengers. The guildmaster is a beholderthe latest in a series of such creatures. Although I am perfect as I am, I can strive to be even better. [20] It had been observed that older beholder's brains gained ridges. 1e A beholder in its lair has access to so many resources that it can often vanquish invaders without directly confronting them. The intellect devourer You call forth an aberrant spirit. A beholder, sometimes called a sphere of many eyes or an eye tyrant, was a large aberration normally found in the Underdark. Establishing control over these creatures usually involves the use of its eye rays, but eventually the minions come to understand that the beholder can kill them whenever it wants and it is in their best interest to stop resisting and just obey the beholders orders. As described in the Monster Manual, a beholders use of its eye rays in combat is random, governed by die rolls instead of by choice. The only real threat to the Xanathars rule is another beholder, which speaks to the reason why the Xanathar Guild has been led by a succession of beholders instead of by various humanoid or inhuman creatures. Large Components: V, S, M (a pickled tentacle and an eyeball in a platinum inlaid vial worth at least 400 gp) how to develop introverted sensing,

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